Five Essential Elements for Brewing a Great Cup of Coffee

A great tasting morning coffee provides a boost to get the day started right and fuel to cope with the busy schedule ahead. There's a lot more to brewing a perfect cup of coffee than you probably thought! Sisel Kaffe is great tasting coffee with added healthy ingredients.

What makes a great cup of coffee premium Geisha Boquete beans from Panama

5 Key Elements that Make a Great Cup of Coffee

There's no simpler pleasure than enjoying a cup of coffee. The image of sipping from a steaming mug in the ambiance of its earthy aroma stirs to mind a sense of peace that is sought after by many, not to mention the boost of energy a well caffeinated dose provides. However, too often in our busy lives we drown our coffee in creamers and sugar and are rarely able to savor it before we rush out the door. There are five key elements to creating the perfect cup and once you've taken the time to put care and quality back into your mug you may see less appeal in generic brands.

#1 Premium Coffee Beans: The first thing to do is choose your beans. Purchasing your beans whole ensures they remain fresher, retaining their natural oils and flavors. Pre-ground coffee, while convenient, quickly goes stale. There are two main kinds of beans, Arabica and Robusta. The former is considered higher grade and possesses a smoother consistency while the latter is stronger but bitter. Coffee is grown all over the world and different countries and climates will each offer their own contributions to taste and consistency, so doing some research on the origins of the beans will help in finding the right selection for you at the best quality.

In order to enjoy coffee for its natural flavors and textures, store the beans in a cool, dark place like a pantry and grind them right before brewing. Also, it's a terrible misconception that the freezer will keep them fresh; this technique actually compromises the beans and their flavor.

#2 Blending: In some cases, combining two or more varieties will create a blend that can turn a simple brew into a delightfully complex one. Deciding which beans to blend is a matter of personal taste. Often in stores, blends are created to reduce cost and promote a specialty brand. The negative side to this is that these blends, while sometimes advertised as balanced, may be lacking in developed flavor. To blend with success, you must be a little adventurous and try out different beans to see which one appeals the most to you.

#3 Roasting: The next consideration is the roast of the coffee. Knowing what you like will help narrow down your choices, especially since the degree to which the beans are roasted affects their flavor. A lighter roast will give coffee more of the original taste of the bean but tends to be slightly acidic. Darker roasts are robust and the bean's oils are brought out, but they lack the flavor and caffeine a light roast offers. A medium roast provides the best of both worlds, boasting an equilibrium of flavor and body. You can either purchase beans that have been pre-roasted, as most are, or you can roast the beans yourself. Doing so allows you to have full control over the roasting process but roasting equipment can be expensive and using a stove or oven will unleash a potent aroma throughout your home.

#4 Grinding: The next step is to grind the beans. Freshly ground coffee is optimal for brewing to maximize flavor and body whereas grinds left out for just a few hours will go stale. Size also matters when it comes to brewing. Coarsely ground beans do well for cold brews while the finest grind is best suited for a cup of Turkish coffee. While grinding the beans adds an extra step in the morning, fresh is best and your palate will thank you for it. For a standard cup, grind the beans into a medium consistency between coarse and fine. If the grinds are too big, the coffee will be weak. Too fine and it will be bitter. A good grinder is rather inexpensive and should be used solely for the purpose of grinding coffee.

#5 Brewing: Finally, it's time to brew. No matter what method you implement, be sure to use filtered water when you can. A general rule of thumb is that if the water tastes bad by itself, the coffee likely won't taste good. Don't use distilled water either. It lacks the minerals found naturally in water that subtly enhance the coffee's flavor and aid in filtration. As with everything, balance is important. An optimal temperature to brew is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Too hot and the coffee will be flat. Too cold and the body of the coffee suffers and it will taste sour. Another misconception that people may have is that more grinds means a stronger brew. In order to get the best quality brew, more is not always better. For example, a twelve-ounce cup of coffee only needs two teaspoons of coffee grinds.

With these tips, and a little time, any coffee lover can create their own perfect cup.

What Makes a Great Cup of Coffee?

Sisel Kaffé has brought coffee to a new level with its healthy ingredients that help provide a morning boost to start the day off right and supply fuel for the long day ahead. The following is a look into the origin of Sisel Kaffe and how it has become the healthiest and best tasting MLM coffee.

Cultivation - Environmental factors such as altitude, soil & hydration

Before stepping foot in the kitchen, a superior cup of coffee must begin with a high-quality coffee bean. Sisel Kaffe makes use of the Premium Panama Boquete Gesha coffee bean, which is world famous and award winning. Grown in Panama, the coffee beans are cultivated with all of the three environmental elements that are crucial for superior coffee. As a result, the beans are consistently at a higher level in comparison to other various coffee growing destinations.

The soil in Panama is deeply enriched with the special nutrients from lava and ash of the adjacent ancient volcanoes. The sweet and acidic soil is the most adept for planting and growing a fruitful coffee tree. Panama's rainforest environment also gifts plenty of hydration to keep the soil soft. The excess moisture helps the coffee trees be able to absorb the nutritional components within and prosper. In addition, the coffee trees are positioned perfectly on top of the high hills surrounding the ancient volcanoes. With the higher altitude, the growing is optimized by a thinner atmosphere and increased sunlight for more flavonoids.

Unlike any other geographic region in the world, Panama possesses unique microclimate conditions that satisfy all of the essential environmental elements that are required to produce the finest coffee available. With its abundant rainfall and ample sunlight to its high altitude nourishment and sweet volcanic soil, Panama is where Sisel Kaffé gathers the very best tasting coffee beans for richness in every cup.

Handpicked harvesting selecting only the best coffee beans

As the coffee cherries are growing on the branches, they often ripen at varying periods of time and require the effort to be harvested at different times. The coffee farmer needs to pick and harvest only the ripe cherries that are ready, while leaving the rest to continue maturing.

Therefore, every bean that is used to create the unique blend of Sisel Kaffé is handpicked with care and concern to obtain the best quality coffee possible. While the method consumes time with its six to eight stages and money, collecting the fruit by hand guarantees that no beans will be too bitter or fermented. Sisel Kaffé is committed to providing customers only beans that have ripened to perfection to deliver a perfect cup of coffee.

Wet Processing to Guarantee a Richer Flavor

The next stage of development requires the removing of the crop layers and waste to reveal the bean within the cherry. There are three methods that can be used to transform coffee cherries into beans, but Sisel Kaffé prefers utilizing the wet process. Although it necessitates added investment and time, the resulting coffee gathers a richer, more complex aromatic profile that leads to its superiority.

First, the coffee beans are submerged for 16 to 36 hours within a water bath, until they have properly softened and expanded. A high-tech machine then separates the bean from the surrounding pulp through the wonders of light friction. After, the beans are positioned inside concrete water tanks for fermentation for a maximum of 36 hours. In the process, all of the viscous and superfluous substances are stripped away. The coffee beans are next forced against a strong current of clean unpolluted water to eliminate all pulp and impurity that has remained. The ripest beans sink to the bottom of the tank with their added weight.

Once a bean sorter gathers all of the ripe beans from the bottom, the beans are set out to dry in the sun on large tables or wire netting. In case of rain, the large racks are set on rails that can easily be closed to avoid imperfections affecting the process. The beans are left to sundry for up to three weeks. Finally, the sundried beans are hulled to remove the outer layers of the bean thereby guaranteeing the best tasting cup of coffee possible.

Coffee Blend - Selecting beans based upon aroma & aftertaste properties

Experts at Sisel Kaffé understand the importance of selecting just the right coffee beans for blending. Beans are selected based on their aroma, lasting aftertaste, quality, and finesse. When combined together, the beans create a blend that intensifies and emphasizes the superior individual characteristics of each bean. The final quality of the coffee that ends up in the customer's cup is determined by how these elements mix together to make arguably the best tasting coffee in the market.

Roasting to Perfection

One of the most vital stages, roasting allows the beans to reveal the unique properties of its origin with its impressive full aromatic and flavor profile. During roasting, the correct time and temperature causes the beans to dehydrate completely. The color is altered from green to brown, and then the final almost black shade. With the added roasting heat, the beans expand so that the amount of caffeine increases. The bitterness, aroma, acidity, and body slowly develop throughout the roasting.

Grinding for full-body flavor & aroma

After the coffee is roasted, it is transported to the airtight, deoxygenated silo for micro grinding. The freshly roasted coffee beans are placed within a grinder that has been chosen for consistent and accurate coffee quality. The precise process creates a coffee that is ground finely for a full-bodied, rich taste and complex aromas. For this reason, Sisel Kaffé is able to gift customers with a great cup of coffee every time.


Premium Geisha Boquete Coffee Beans from Panama

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If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, look no further than Sisel Kaffe. No matter what your lifestyle, Sisel Kaffe has great coffee to get your morning started.

Instead of the typical Colombian farming environment, Sisel Kaffe found Panamanian soil to be nutrient-rich and perfect for coffee plants. The volcanic soil offers critical elements pulled from the deep Earth. Hilly terrain makes oxygen levels limited, but air pockets within the rich ground allow coffee plants to spread their roots and absorb necessary gasses for vigorous growth.

Panama's equatorial location provides year-round sunlight. Sisel Kaffe plants photosynthesize at maximum rates with lush foliage hovering above the ground. With dense leaves, coffee plants have more energy to dedicate to bean production. The intense sunlight also stimulates flavonoids within the plants so they can withstand the heat and radiation. When you consume Sisel Kaffe's coffee, these flavonoids transfer to your body as antioxidants, helping you fight off diseases. Most coffee manufacturers roast their beans before grinding them. At Sisel Kaffe, the beans remain green, or raw, as they are transformed into ground coffee. Chlorogenic acid remains in the raw coffee to slow your absorption of fats and toxins, allowing you to lose weight.

Green coffee beans also retain much of their caffeine concentration, making the final coffee drink intense and full-bodied. Caffeine speeds your metabolism up so your body burns more calories even if you are sitting still. The intense taste does not mean it is bitter though. Volcanic soil is naturally sweet, or non-acidic, making the resulting beans much more alkaline compared to other growers' products. You do not need to fill half of your cup with cream and sugar to reduce the coffee bitterness. It is possible to enjoy Sisel Kaffe coffee without the cream at all.

Along with the raw coffee bean, Sisel Kaffe adds extra natural ingredients into the mixture to promote a unique taste with health benefits. Herbs, including bacopa and yerba mate, strengthen the immune system with their natural chemical structures. A hard mushroom, called ganoderma has bacterial fighting properties to keep you free from infections. Another fungus full of health benefits is chaga. Found growing on other trees, chaga has phytochemicals and minerals packed into its fibrous shape. Sisel Kaffe even adds a key chemical extract, called evodiamine. With its natural stimulating effect, it stops initial fat absorption into your cells to avoid weight gain in the first place. When Sisel Kaffe mixes all of these ingredients together, you find a coffee unlike no other.

Although the ingredients originate in Central America, the coffee itself is manufactured in the United States. Taking advantage of technology, Sisel Kaffe uses the finest machines to prepare and mix this amazing coffee. Manufacturing facilities maintain sanitized surfaces to keep the coffee sterile and ready for brewing a truly great cup of coffee. With so many synthetic food products on the market, Sisel Kaffe wants you to know that all their coffee ingredients are natural. Your body's digestive system does not respond well to unnatural and synthetic foods, causing indigestion and poor health. By using plant-based ingredients, Sisel Kaffe coffee remains true to nature.

Sisel Kaffe discovered What Makes a Great Cup of Coffee and now offers several different coffee varieties, from basic coffee to espresso choices. See how this special coffee stimulates your mind and body by trying a FREE sample. Once you experience the Panamanian taste, you'll never want another coffee brand again.

What makes Sisel Kaffe such a Great Cup of Coffee?

Sisel Kaffe is made with only the highest quality coffee beans to give you the most premium coffee. Your cup of coffee is made with premium Panama Boquete Gesha coffee beans. These premium coffee beans are grown in Panama, where certain environmental factors are responsible for creating the best tasting coffee bean on the market.

The volcanic soil is one of the environmental factors responsible for growing Sisel Kaffe's superior coffee beans. The volcanic soil is enriched with nutrients that are found in the lava and ash of ancient and inactive volcanoes. The nutrients from the lava and ash allow the soil to become sweeter and more acidic, which allows coffee trees to flourish.

High Quality Clean Water

Panama has a large resource of unpolluted, clean water in the rainforest. The moisture in the rainforest allows the soil to remain soft, which allows the coffee trees to easily absorb the nutrients found in both the soil and water.

Sisel Kaffe coffee beans are grown at a high altitude on the high slopes of ancient volcanoes. This high altitude creates a thinner atmosphere, which increases the amount of radiation from the sun. This allows the coffee trees to absorb more sunlight, so that they can grow faster and more efficiently. The stronger rays of sunlight also allow Sisel Kaffe coffee beans to have a more enhanced flavor. The coffee beans react to the sunlight by increasing the flavonoids to protect themselves from the high amounts of radiation. The high levels of flavonoids in Sisel Kaffe are what give your cup of coffee and excellent flavor.

If you thought Sisel Kaffe coffee beans couldn't get any better, you were wrong. Sisel Kaffe has superior coffee beans because they are infused with Chaga, Gatu Kola, Bacopa, and organic Ganoderma extracts. All coffee beans are known to be rich in flavonoids and antioxidants polyphenols that are known for their health benefits. However, Sisel Kaffe takes it a step further and adds organic ingredients made specifically to improve your health and promote weight loss. These ingredients improve overall heath without interfering with the delicious taste of your morning coffee

Chaga is a type of mushroom that is high in antioxidants, such as vitamin and mineral content, which helps you have a healthy immune system. The antioxidants in Chaga have amazing properties that everyone can benefit from, such as the antibacterial, antiviral, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties that help build a stronger immune system.

Sisel Kaffe micro-ground coffee is infused with Ganoderma, a mushroom rich in antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties that help the immune system function properly. Ganoderma helps balance cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure, increases stamina and endurance, and reduces the chances of developing certain types of cancer. Not only is it a great cup of coffee it's also full of added health supporting natural herbs.

Bacopa is a herb used in traditional Indian medicine to treat anxiety and memory problems. Sisel Kaffe coffee beans are infused with Bacopa extract, which has been proven to increase memory, focus, concentration, recall, and the ability to learn new tasks.

Gotu Kola extract is added to Sisel Kaffe coffee beans as an antioxidant. Gotu Kola is used to reduce symptoms in mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. It is also beneficial to increasing circulation and is also helpful for memory and mental functions.

Although Sisel Kaffe adds extracts to increase the health benefits of their coffee beans, there are many other health benefits that are naturally found in coffee beans. Some of these healthy ingredients include caffeine, tannic acid, scopoletin, eugenol, and much more. The antioxidants naturally found in coffee beans help prevent certain diseases. Coffee also helps control appetite, helps people lose weight, and increases endurance. Coffee can also help control blood pressure and cholesterol while reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

If you are looking for a brand of coffee that will help you get through your day while also giving you great health benefits, Sisel Kaffe coffee beans are for you. Sisel Kaffe offers regular coffee beans as well as instant coffee, coffee capsules, and coffee machines for all of your coffee needs.