Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee is one of the Most Expensive

Experience Better Coffee: Panamanian beans are highly regarded by many experts, particularly those grown in the Boquete rainforest region of northern Panama.

Great Demand for Gourmet Coffee from Boquete in Panama

Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans are used in Sisel Kaffe products

For many of us, the thought of coffee makes stumbling out of bed in the morning a worthwhile effort. Without the promise of enjoying the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed gourmet coffee, we would be reluctant to leave the comfort of our pillows.

Espresso is one of the most popular drinks in the world; a special kind of coffee brewed by driving a small amount of hot water through premium coffee beans ground to an exceptionally fine consistency. Perhaps due to the thickness and substantial aroma and flavor that espresso possesses, many people assume that it contains more caffeine than traditional coffee; the opposite is true, however. The espresso process simply makes the most of each particle of coffee and drop of water.

The Majesty of Freshly Brewed Coffee

Many coffee drinkers know that the secret to a great cup of espresso is a particular bean or series of bean characteristics. Great espresso is typically brewed from a premium blend of coffee beans. The truth, however, is that gourmet coffee beans are just the ideal starting point. The qualities of the beans need to be maximized, by brewing them freshly ground just moments before drinking the coffee. This is the best way to achieve a truly great cup of coffee.

Panama Boquete Geisha - Premium Coffee Beans

True coffee aficionados associate gourmet beans with espresso because premium coffee beans are fresh and vibrant, and the espresso process is able to realize fully the flavor and aroma potential of the bean. There was a time when gourmet coffee beans, particularly the best from Panama, were the sole domain of the wealthy. Increased globalization, however, has made many of the most coveted beans (i.e. Panama Boquete Geisha) available and affordable to all who love the very best espresso possible.

Boquete, Panama - Coffee Capital of the World

Many examples of such premium coffee beans can be found in Boquete, a small and majestic town nestled in the Central Mountain Range of the Chiriqui Province in Northern Panama. What makes Boquete truly amazing is the sheer scope of the local ecosystem. This area of Panama boasts mountains abundant with natural resources as well as forests, rivers, great fauna diversity and even a volcano. The place is truly unlike any other in the world, and that has made it a wonderful destination for both tourism and premium coffee beans.

Coffee Plantations in Northern Panama

Long before Boquete was known as a travel destination, it was recognized throughout the world as a premier source of Panamanian coffee. In fact, the area is abundant with coffee plantations, and it is one of the most prolific and diverse coffee-making regions in the country, which is no small feat. The qualities that have helped make this so include excellent air quality and flow, consistent temperatures and a lack of big storms that could harm the plants.

Panamanian Coffee Plantation Tours

There was a time when the plantations in Boquete, Panama seemed very far-flung and distant; like magical places where wonderful Panamanian coffee was grown. Today, people come from all around the world to experience the full majesty of Boquete, Panama. Adventures include mountain treks, forest hikes and trips down the rivers, but perhaps the most popular pastime of all are the plantation tours. Visitors get to see firsthand how the coffee is made, and then they get to brew it and taste it right there in its local environment.

Gourmet Panamanian Coffee is in Great Demand

One might think that with greater availability and affordability there would be a decreased demand for Boquete Geisha coffee, but that hasn't been the case. In fact, greater worldwide awareness, thanks in great part to the advent of the Internet, has made Panamanian coffee from areas like this even more desirable. Better yet, coffee lovers are no longer limited to local retail channels and are able to order the premium coffee beans and blends directly through specialty companies that appreciate and understand coffee as well as you do.

The Joy of Gourmet Coffee - Espresso Style

For the true coffee fan, there is nothing quite like a superior espresso made from the finest Panamanian coffee beans. It exhilarates and infuses our sense of taste and smell in a magical way that standard coffee simply cannot. True happiness is about the small things in life, and sometimes it's found in something as simple as being able to brew amazing espresso in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Why I Love Boquete Geisha Coffee Beans

I love my coffee. There is nothing better in my opinion than to wake up in the morning and head straight over to the coffee maker and start the day off right, with a cup of my favorite premium coffee. I drink a lot of coffee, and I have had many different favorites over the years. In fact I have different favorite coffee types for different drinking experiences. In the morning I usually drink something a little on the stronger side, like a Ristretto (made with espresso). For something to end the night with, I usually go with something a little less robust, such as a basic Arabica Americano. I do not think that there is ever a time not to drink a good cup of premium coffee, but I am picky about where it comes from.

The best coffee in the world in my opinion is Panamanian coffee. Panamanian coffee has, in the past, not received the attention that it deserves. Boquete Panama, with their award winning premium coffee varietals, has set out to change that, and has done a very good job at it.

Boquete is a small town in the highland mountains of Panama, and they grow some of the best premium coffee in the world. One of the best varietals from the region is Geisha. A friend of mine who is a tea drinker introduced me to Geisha coffee a few summers ago. He was always on my case about how I could imbibe cup after cup of what he termed rotgut, due to my habit of always seeking out the strongest coffee that I could get my hands on. He wanted to try to turn me on to something that I might drink, without trying to get me to drink his favorite tea, which he new would always be, a losing battle.

Panama Boquete Geisha has a lighter flavor than my morning standby, but that does not mean that it is any less robust. I was pleasantly surprised that this lighter premium coffee from Panama actually lit up my palette with a whole array of flavor that I was unaccustomed to in a regular cup of Joe. The Esmeralda Boquete Geisha that I had filled my senses with strong floral hints of cherry and even a slight and subtle taste of honey. It was one of the best premiums coffees I had ever tasted at any price. It had such a different flavor, naturally produced by the growing conditions that the Boquete region of Panama provided, that I almost forgot about coffee for a second and thought of my favorite beer, as it had almost a hop like quality to it.

Panamanian coffee was some of the best known to man, I knew this, but I had never experienced such a wide variety of flavors in a single cup like I did with Boquete Geisha. The closest thing I think I could compare it to would be some of the Ethiopian and Kenyan premium coffee blends that I have had in the past, but these were blends, and would never be able to stand on their own against the single varietal Panama Boquete Geisha.

Panamanian coffee is finally getting the recognition it deserves through growers' international award winning success and the Panamanian coffee tourism board. I am glad to see it. The region has the best climate, the best soil, and the best growing and roasting processes, and what they have to offer the world cannot be reproduced anywhere else.

The main reason I am glad to see Panamanian coffee become more popular worldwide is the simple fact that I want to continue to drink it. In recent years, rising land costs and thriving ex-pat immigration have made it next to impossible for native Panama residents to capitalize on the coffee industry. Panama Boquete Geisha has been instrumental in letting the world see that the product they produce is not only better than much of what is available elsewhere, but that what people think of as a regular old cup of Joe elsewhere, is here, a flavorful, aromatic, and multifaceted drink that even tea drinkers can and will recommend to the staunchest of strong coffee snobs. I am one of those strong coffee snobs, and the recommendation was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten.

SISEL KAFFE, which is made from Premium Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Geisha Premium Coffee Beans

A good cup of coffee can come from almost anywhere. That crummy diner down the street, your Aunt Marge's, the nearby gas station, any of these places can unexpectedly produce a pretty decent morning-starter.

How about a great cup of coffee?

That's a different story. Then what about a world-class cup of coffee? That might be an even stranger story, read on to learn more.

Coffee, it turns out, is like fine wine. There are varieties that are nice and will do for everyday purposes, readily available at your local grocery store or what-have-you; there are finer wines that cost a little more and are slightly harder to find; and then there are exquisite, work-of-art varieties that you may never have heard of, that only connoisseurs even attempt to find and taste and buy.

One of the most amazing varieties of world-class coffees is called "Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee". This doesn't mean it is made for ornately painted Japanese ladies of the night, it means that the coffee is something out of this world. Delicate, beautiful, infused with delicious notes of honey, citrus, jasmine and more, this coffee bean glows a gorgeous scarlet when on the tree, and creates a delicate cup of coffee with an unforgettable flavor.

So now you know what makes a great cup of coffee, it is Boquete Geisha beans from Panama!

Why is SISEL KAFFE Panamanian Coffee so amazing?

For one thing, the growing conditions are unique. Geisha coffee is now almost exclusively grown in Panama, thriving in its rich volcanic soil (known to be some of the sweetest and most nutrient-rich soil on earth) and in its abundantly sunny and moisture-rich climate. The Boquete Geisha coffee trees seem to do best in this kind of atmosphere, which is rare and almost impossible to reproduce. Even here, however, their yield is small compared to ordinary coffee trees, which means that the increasing demand is also increasing the price for this premium cuppa.

Happily, the average coffee drinker can indulge in Geisha coffee without breaking the bank too much. SISEL International coffee offers a Keurig K-Cup pack of Panama Boquete Geisha coffee servings, which have received rave reviews from their customers, while coffee mega-giant Starbucks is also selling Geisha coffee (for nearly seven dollars a cup). Even with the outrageous prices, these deals are within the grasp of most American consumers, at least for the occasional splurge.

Of course, these offerings still pale in comparison to the premium Geisha coffees that retail at around sixty dollars per eight-ounce bag. Still, it's nice to have the option. So next time you're considering a special indulgence, perhaps for yourself or for someone special, consider the sensual indulgence of Geisha coffee. It can be as exotic as a trip to Panama, or as casual as visiting your local Starbucks, or as close as your kitchen counter with SISEL KAFFE Premium Coffee packed in individual sachets to preserve the freshness. Whatever you choose, you're sure to love it.

Sisel Kaffe is the top choice in premium MLM coffee, view comparison chart for details. For some strange reason Sisel International has chosen to spell Geisha without the letter 'i', i.e. Gesha. Here is a typical example... Sisel Kaffé Black Instant contains 30 individual sachets of Premium Boquete Gesha Coffee from Panama.

The Allure of Gourmet Coffee Beans from Panama

Coffee. Just the word makes weary folks around the world perk up. This liquid gold is beloved and consumed by millions of people each day, and it keeps the world turning just as much as any gravitational force. Furthermore, the history of coffee is as rich as the beverage itself - coffee beans have been used as everything from currency to jewelry, and now that it's a drink, aficionados scour the world for the perfect brew. Lately, their probing gaze has led the market, and thus the industry as a whole, to focus on the Boquete region of Panama. In fact, this little island is rapidly becoming just as much a coffee nexus as Colombia or Ecuador or any of the bigger, more established exporters. But what is it that makes their coffee so special? Read on to find out.

Does Size Matter?

Panama is small, and as an exporter of coffee, it's downright tiny. Still, this island nation's petite coffee growing area is one part of what makes Panamanian coffee beans some of the most sought after on the planet. Simply stated, there's no way for Panama to compete with larger rivals in terms of scale. There's just not enough land, and what there is often finds itself smack in the path of a hurricane. As often happens, though, this underdog status has made Panamanian coffee growers scrappy and inventive, which is how various forays into genetic tinkering came to produce some of the hardiest, most productive coffee plants in the world. The result? Panamanian Boquete Geisha coffee is the fillet mignon of the java scene.


The volcanic soil of Panama lends the coffee that springs from it a unique bouquet of flavors and notes that can scarcely be found anywhere else. Indeed, gourmet coffee shares a lot of common ground with wine in this regard - a lot of the same markers and profiles used in wine tasting are used in coffee tasting, too. Common elements to be found in Panamanian coffee and a good wine include a deep, rich aroma, a pleasant mouth feel (that's fancy terminology for a drink's body, texture, and other such characteristics), and pleasant hints of wood, fruit, Scotch, and caramel.


Everybody knows that if you want wine in California, you go to the Nappa Valley. In the same way, Panama's got its own iconic coffee growing region, and coffee lovers know that's where you go if you want top-notch coffee. Boquete, being the coffee capital of Panama, is famous for a lot of things, not the least of which is its magnificent coffee. For proof, you only need to look at the truckload of awards received and granted on behalf and because of it. Its most prized bean-based beverage, however, is undoubtedly espresso. Growers in this region of the island grow this pint-sized power drink to be rich, strong, and hard-hitting, so beware! Espresso, especially of this caliber, is best served in small doses.

In any case, judging from the ever-increasing number of rave reviews being showered upon Panamanian espresso (and its other coffee products), as well as the out of this world price tags on some of the blends, people have come to appreciate them for it. You don't get to be host to one of the world's top five most expensive coffees without doing something right, let alone winning such accolades for multiple consecutive years, as many coffees from Boquete have done.

The Verdict: Panama Boquete Beans make a great cup of Coffee

The allure of Panamanian coffee can be chalked up to a lot of things. Personal preference, Panama's almost too-perfect coffee climate, or maybe the simple fact that a good Geisha Boquete espresso can liven up even the most boring commute. Whatever it is, the verdict is in: Panamanian coffee has got something special going for it, and the more people get of it, the more they want. Of course, one need not take this article at face value on that score - the best way to test the mettle of Boquete's liquid dream is to drink a cup for yourself!