Espresso Style Instant Coffee Convenient & Gourmet Flavor

Enjoy the best coffee flavor from Premium Micro-ground Gourmet Coffee beans grown in Boquete Panama and packaged in individual satchels for take anywhere convenience and easy brewing. Now you can experience the joy of coffee (i.e. espresso style instant coffee) wherever you go just add hot water. The demand for coffee continues to grow, thanks largely to millennials love of iced coffee a.k.a. café frappé.

The Joy of Coffee there is nothing better than the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning

The Joy of Freshly Brewed Panamanian Coffee

It doesn't matter whether you call it java, joe or a half-caff double-foam non-fat latte with freshly-grated nutmeg and a partridge in a pear tree; we love our coffee. Once upon a time, it was the sacred brew of doughnut shops and all-night diners. People drank it to wake up, and shunned it after dinner, fearing for their sleep. Now we have breakfast blends, coffee dates after work, coffee with dessert, even coffee as dessert.

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According to the National Coffee Association, 83% of Americans drink coffee, a 5% increase from recent years. 31% drink gourmet coffee every day. Single-serve coffee machines are becoming more popular and espresso coffee drinks are preferred by consumers aged between 18 and 39. Clearly, this is not your grandmother's percolated brew.

The Changing Face of Coffee

How did we discover so many ways to enjoy this amazing drink?
Café frappé style coffee is one of the millennials' favorite beverages as they see it as a great way to connect with friends. In the 1900s it was used primarily as a stimulant, a way to wake up before work. The brews served in these primitive times was bitter and watery, made in a percolator or an industrial drip machine. It was often compared to dishwater, except that the dishwater tasted better. Instant coffee was all this, and less, with a thin body and bitter, almost metallic taste.

That began to change near the end of the 20th century. People craved a more sophisticated cup. Entrepreneurs saw the opportunity, and the specialty coffee shop was born. Going to work included a stop for trendy (and expensive!) lattes, mochas and drip brews with names other than "joe". People spent as much on their morning cup as they did on lunch. It was a golden age, and it hasn't ended yet.

Depresso is what you feel when you run out of SISEL coffeeAdvances in coffee machines make premium fresh coffee available at home for a fraction of the coffee shop price. Try it robust blend with breakfast, a lighter roast for an afternoon pick-me-up, or mellow roasted coffee beans with the complex flavor profile after dinner. Improved decaffeination methods make that late-night cup more tempting.

Good-quality instant coffee lets you take that perfect cup anywhere. Varieties go far beyond the old choice of regular or decaf. They have a flavor and aroma that makes drinking coffee on the go a genuine pleasure.

Specialty roasted coffee beans are available for every budget. Buyers can select by region, growing conditions or depth of roast. Now sharing coffee with friends is more than just a social occasion. It's a way to explore a world of flavor and aroma, experiencing the subtle variations between Kenyan and Guatemalan, or comparing premium fresh coffee from Indonesia with a top coffee from Ethiopia.

The latest coffee machines make anyone a barista. Try roasted coffee beans to get the perfect grind, or espresso coffee for rich body and deep flavor. With top coffee and a little experimentation, it's easy to get the flavor and aroma you enjoy most.

Whether you are a coffee purist, a coffee snob, or you just want to travel the world one cup at a time, it's never been a better time to enjoy the fruit of the coffee bush. With the right tools and a little experimentation, you may find that your favorite coffee shop is right in your kitchen.

How Do You Enjoy Your Coffee?

Life is relatively short, it's time to learn how to really enjoy coffee at home -

DEPRESSO: That's the feeling you get when you have run out of COFFEE. The rich taste and strong aroma are the keys elements of our enjoyment of coffee. Good-quality instant coffee lets you take that perfect cup anywhere. Varieties go far beyond the old choice of regular or decaf. They have a flavor and aroma that makes drinking coffee on the go a genuine pleasure.

Celebrate National Coffee Day with the best Coffee Beans from Panama

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What's the best instant microground coffee?

Sisel Kaffe INSTANT BLACK is made from premium microground gourmet geisha beans grown in Boquete, Northern Panama that's packaged in individual satchels to preserve the freshness and for easy brewing. This makes it the best "Espresso Style Instant Coffee" available anywhere.

The Joy of Coffee: Gourmet Boquete Geisha Beans from Panama

If you enjoy great gourmet coffee and are looking for the best coffee available, check out the varieties of coffees made from premium coffee beans in Panama. The region of Boquete in Panama is known as one of the best coffee production areas in the world. No matter what type of coffee you enjoy, whether it is a great frappuccino, a steamy hot espresso or just a hot cup of coffee black, you will find the coffee grown in Boquete to be some of the best you ever had.

The area of Boquete in Northern Panama has many coffee bean plantations that provide tours of how they take premium coffee beans and turn them into a great cup of coffee. The tours will provide you with everything from the time of the year that the trees are planted to harvesting the coffee and turning the premium coffee beans into coffee that is used in your coffee maker. You will see how to tell when coffee beans are ripe as well as lessons on planting trees and how to determine the best location to plant. You will also see when and where to plant the trees for the most optimum sunlight.

Boquete is located in the Chiriqui Province of Northern Panama and is surrounded by lush mountain forests with sparkling clear rivers and many local parks. The temperatures in the area are consistently cool without being cold and there are many plantations throughout the valley that produce the best coffee beans in the world. The city offers coffee fairs annually as well as annual jazz festivals and orchid fairs.

The mountains above the city are created from a huge volcano known as Baru Volcano that overlooks the valleys in the Chiriqui province. The area around the city is a great place for recreational activity like river rafting, kayaking or canoeing and bird watching. The city is also close to the La Amistad International Park with over 400,000 acres of tropical forests that back up to the coffee producing plantations. There are a number of shops and craft boutiques on the main street in Boquete that can provide you with an amazing shopping destination while you are visiting the area to tour the local plantations.

The area is filled with amazing cultural activities that includes not only the coffee tours and birdwatching adventures, but also zip-lining locations and horseback riding activities. The city is a cultural mecca for people of the more "hippied" lifestyle with organic foods being grown locally and having a more laid back attitude about life. The main language spoken in the region is Spanish with English being the secondary language. The region has great whether conditions with the cool mountain climate.

The premium coffee beans produced in the area are responsible for creating the very popular Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee that has been rated as the second most expensive coffee in the world. At approximately $104 per pound as of this writing, the coffee has a very distinctive taste, making it one of the best coffee brands anywhere. With so many different ways to produce coffee from espresso to iced coffees and more, the beans produced in this area give you a premium cup of coffee that will delight you with its unique flavors and aromas.

Freshly Brewed Instant Coffee: A Simple Joy of Life

With an abundance of coffee vendors and cafes as well as home appliances that makes brewing a cup of coffee much easier at home, the demand for great coffee production has increased in the last several years. Coffee bean production has become a very popular new farm crop, but having the right location and climate is the only way to produce premium coffee beans. Real coffee drinkers can tell the difference between a cheap coffee bean and a truly great coffee. Coffee drinkers have become more selective and demanding of the type of coffee they drink each day. Take millennials for example, they drink endless quantities of iced coffee - Café frappé style.

Espresso remains one of the most popular styles of coffee with baby boomers. Made by forcing concentrated boiling water through finely ground coffee beans, this popular style of coffee making creates a thicker consistency than a regular brewed coffee. Espresso also creates a more caffeine concentrated cup of coffee than normal. The syrupy beverage has become very popular with coffee drinkers all around the world.

Because of the growing popularity, many producers of coffee makers have designed home espresso machines that allow coffee drinkers to create a great cup of coffee in just a few minutes. The home coffee makers allow you to experience to joy of coffee without having to stop by a local cafe or coffee shop to get your caffeine fix for the day.

The price for the coffee making machines are getting less expensive all the time, giving people who are on a budget, but still want a great cup of coffee, the chance to brew coffee in their home the way they want it. With the right coffee maker and the best coffee beans available, you can have a refreshing cup of coffee in your home anytime you are ready.

What is Espresso?

Is it a particular type of premium coffee bean, a special type of roast or a unique blend of coffee beans from Panama? No, "Espresso" is a term that describes the way a delicious cup of coffee is made. It comes from an Italian word the means quick. Espresso coffee is prepared by quickly forcing a small amount (approx. 30ml) of high pressure hot (but not boiling) water through finely ground coffee beans. This produces a highly concentrated full flavored cup of coffee that's very popular in Europe, some would say it's the best way to experience the joy of coffee.

During World War II American GIs abroad would ask for their espresso coffee to be diluted with hot water as they found the flavor too strong. The term "Americano" is now used throughout Europe and Asia to refer to a watered-down version of espresso coffee. In Australia an espresso coffee diluted with hot water is called a "Long Black" while an undiluted Espresso is often referred to as a "Short Black". Another popular term for a cup of coffee is a "Cup of Joe" which also has its origin from American servicemen (GI Joes) during the second World War.

Now you can enjoy the rich flavor and aroma of freshly brewed espresso style instant coffee where every you are thanks to the convenience of Sisel's individual coffee sachets.

Let's Celebrate the Incomparable Joy of Coffee

To a vast number of individuals across the globe, coffee is far more than just a simple beverage. Those of us who are coffee enthusiasts know that the silky liquid represents comfort, energy, inspiration and enlightenment. Coffee is served to weary travelers, satisfied diners, evening revelers, and morning commuters.

Countless people feel that coffee makes stumbling out of bed in the morning a worthwhile effort. Without the aroma of roasted beans wafting into our nostrils, we might never leave our feather pillows and our down comforters. The daily shock of being dragged from slumber can be tempered only by the blissful moment when our lips encounter the edge of a warm mug. To effectively rouse us from the reverie of sleep, that mug can only contain hot, luscious, aromatic coffee.

Once we have resigned ourselves to the reality of being awake, coffee affords us a sense of heady pleasure. This intoxication enables us to conquer the responsibilities of the day that looms ahead. Fortified by the euphoric effect that the hot brew yields, we can easily face the demands of work, school and home. Armed with strong coffee that is generously laced with flavored syrup and delicate cream, we are able to gleefully greet our bosses, coworkers, professors, neighbors, spouses and children.

Reward yourself with one of nature's finest gifts - the Joy of Coffee

During the last few decades, being a part of the coffee culture has become increasingly popular. It is gratifying to share with others the joyful experience of coffee appreciation. Our favorite brew helps us to forge emotional and intellectual connections with other human beings. A shared pot of the velvety beverage can aid us in shedding certain social inhibitions.

We gather in coffee houses and indulge in an array of espresso drinks. We order coffee with milk, cream, flavored syrup, stevia, sugar and honey. Countless individuals prefer their brew with nothing added to it. Other people opt for highly sweetened coffee drinks on ice. We wait with others for our coffee to arrive in paper cups printed with company logos. We buy coffee beverages for our friends, lovers, parents and colleagues. Before and after they go to school, our children order decaffeinated coffee drinks with plenty of whipped cream.

The diversity of coffee is another aspect of the coffee culture that attracts us. We drink the beverage made from beans that were grown in countries such as Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Panama, Kenya, Guatemala and Indonesia. As we sip our hot brew that was imported from Mexico or Senegal, we reflect on the fact that our love affair with coffee keeps people across the world employed.

When we consider the unique benefits associated with coffee consumption, we are not surprised that the great number of coffee enthusiasts increases daily. We are happy that legions of others understand the pleasure of drinking coffee, too. We are delighted to share our appreciation for the heavenly brew with the rest of humankind.

SISEL KAFFE enhances the Joy of Coffee with Premium Coffee Beans from Panama

Only premium high altitude 100% Arabica microground coffee beans are use in the production of SISEL coffee. Whether you like your coffee black or with milk in Latte or Cappuccino style the flavor of premium coffee beans is unmistakable. Tom Mower believes there is only one other coffee that comes close to SISEL KAFFE for richness of flavor and that is Starbucks. 

Let's compare the two best tasting coffees in the USA today, i.e. Starbucks Reserve Panama Geisha Auromar Coffee that costs in excess of $100 per 8 oz bag and Sisel KAFFE Boquete Geisha Coffee also from Panama for just $26 per 12 oz bag. Both brands make a fantastic cup of coffee, there is no doubt. They both use the same Geisha Coffee beans grown in the Boquete region of Panama.

The big difference between them is that SISEL KAFFE is fortified with health building support from Chaga, (the greatest of them all according to Tom Mower), Ganoderma (like other MLM coffee added for good health support), Bacopa and Gotu Kola while Starbucks coffee does not have any of these additional ingredients. So when you consider the health benefits and look at the significant price difference, SISEL KAFFE is a clear winner. Both Sisel and Starbucks can share the title of the world's best tasting coffee, as the coffee beans both use have been rated the best by the world coffee association for the past eleven years. If you want to enjoy an espresso coffee made from premium coffee beans you can't go past SISEL KAFFE, the Best MLM Coffee by far.

Coffee aids vitality & enjoyment of life

People around the world enjoy coffee and savor every sip of this marvelous drink. Dating back to the 14th century, this drink is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. It helps you wake up in the morning, and it can give you that extra little burst of energy you may need in the afternoon. Enjoyed alone, as an after-dinner drink and with meals, it's perhaps the most versatile and popular flavored drink around. Here are a few fun facts that you may not have known about this marvelous little drink.

Sisel Kaffe Premium Black: Espresso Style Instant Coffee Made Great

If you don't have time to brew a pot in the morning, then you may want to use some instant coffee. Many people shudder at the thought of drinking instant coffee because they say it doesn't taste the same. However, you can make a great cup of instant coffee. Start by using filtered water if possible. If that isn't an option, then let the water run for a moment before filling the kettle. Keep your coffee in an airtight jar, and store it in a cabinet where sunlight and moisture won't harm it. If you cannot bring yourself to drink instant coffee, then invest in a small coffee maker that brews one mug, or invest in coffee pod machines that brew a perfect cup every time.

Handle Jet Lag with Help from Coffee

Travelers flying long distances know how hard it is to deal with jet lag. You've been up for hours already, and you still have hours to go until the local bedtime. The next time you have to catch the red-eye to the other coast, start by drinking only water on the flight. Make sure you land while the sun is still shining, and then start enjoying your coffee to help you stay awake until the local bedtime. Then you can crash along with the locals, and you will wake the next day feeling refreshed.

It's a Taste of Home

Local flavors vary with meals and other drinks, but coffee is a consistent. Even if you cannot find your favorite pasta dish when you travel to other areas, you can still enjoy your favorite drink. It's a little taste of home when you are traveling, and it can help you relax when you start feeling homesick, growing weary of the traveling and are suffering from jet lag.

The Social Hour Surrounding Coffee

In some countries, like North America, people drink coffee without giving it much thought. There is a purpose to filling that cup, and that usually involves helping them wake up and feel energized. In Europe, however, coffee is an important part of any social area. People don't get cups of coffee to go. They sit down with a cup and chat with the people around them. They use it as an excuse to slow down and socialize.

The Marvelous Variety of Coffee

Straight coffee drinkers may scoff at the designer options, but these options each have something special to offer. If you aren't a coffee connoisseur, then the selections may seem confusing. While espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte are all coffee-based drinks, they do have some differences.

Espresso is brewed by forcing pressurized hot water through a bed of finely ground beans. The result is a concentrated form of coffee that is rich in flavor. It's brewed when ordered, so every cup is fresh and delicious. A hand-made coffee, the skill of the person making it is just as important as the quality of the machine, the size of the coffee grounds and the quality of the beans. With the fast brewing process, espresso actually has less caffeine in it than traditional coffee.

Cappuccino is an Italian breakfast drink made with equal parts espresso, foamed milk and steamed milk. The result is an intense flavor that's smooth and refreshing. Caffe lattes are similar to cappuccinos, but there is very little or no foam in them. Instead, they contain one-third espresso and two-thirds regular milk.

There are also a few variations on these special coffee drinks. An Americano espresso is a shot of espresso mixed with enough hot water to fill the cup, and it tastes like a strong cup of coffee. If you like espresso with a dollop of frothed milk, then ask for a macchiato. A mocha is a latte that is flavored with a spoonful of chocolate and whipped cream, and a fantasia is a mocha that is adjusted with a quick swirl of flavored syrup.

You can also dress up coffee with any number of flavors. Special coffee creamers allow you to adjust the flavor by adding the taste of chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, pumpkin or almost any other flavor. In addition to changing the taste after it's brewed, you can also spice up the grounds by adding powdered cinnamon or other flavors.

Brewing the Perfect Espresso at Home with Premium Coffee Beans

If you have an espresso machine at home, then you may have found that the flavor doesn't quite match what you can get at coffee shops. However, you should not give up on the perfect cup of coffee. You can brew great espresso at home if you know what to do.

First, only use fresh premium quality coffee beans, and don't grind the beans until you actually need them. Experiment with your machine grind and tamping until you have a steady flow of espresso moving into the cup. You will need 6 to 8 ounces of espresso to make a 1 to 1.5 ounce shot. Each shot should only take 20 to 30 seconds. Finally, take the time to clean the machine after brewing. Any residue will negatively affect the taste of your next serving. Brew the espresso into pre-warmed cups to help keep the drink warm. If you are still struggling to make the perfect cup of espresso, then consider investing in a coffee pod system. With these systems, you can enjoy a perfect shot of espresso every time.

Saving Money with Espresso

If you have some leftover espresso, don't just dump it down the sink. Espresso is expensive, and there is no reason to waste it. In fact, there are several great ways to use that leftover espresso next time you make a few shots.

The most obvious solution is to pop the espresso into the refrigerator. The flavor will keep, and the drink will be ready the next time you want a quick shot. Even if you don't want to drink day-old espresso, you can still use it to flavor baked goods like brownies. You can also put the espresso into an ice tray and freeze the drink. Use it to cool down an iced tea, cup of milk or a regular cup of hot coffee.

There are several reasons why people joke that coffee is the nectar of the gods. A drink that's enjoyed globally, you can enjoy a cup to help you wake up in the morning and keep going in the afternoon. It's an excuse to sit down, slow down and socialize with friends. Incredibly versatile, there's a flavor and style out there for everybody. Whether you want the little taste of home when traveling or you are planning a social hour and want to serve the most popular drink, coffee is the right choice.

The best tasting coffee in the world comes from beans grown in the fertile volcanic soils of Boquete, a little town in the northern highlands of Panama.