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SISEL: Science & Innovation based Business Opportunity

Sisel International is poised to provide healthier, wealthier lifestyles, and is committed to re-establishing the dreams of independent distributors worldwide. Their vision of a happier, longer life has given rise to a vast array of products in a wide range of markets. If you want to create an independent business that encourages responsible, healthy lifestyles and have the income to enjoy it, then you need to learn more about the Sisel Kaffé distributorship.


Sisel International founded a state of the art research and manufacturing facility to ensure the quality and safety they were supplying their distributors, customers and families. The products they produced have undergone extensive research and testing to reach exceptionally high standards. They use materials that can be safely processed without harmful side effects or results. This strict method of research and development has led to the "Sisel Safe Promise". A promise they take seriously when examining the results of any newly emerging products. Whether its coffee, shampoos, vitamins, or dental products, Sisel International is committed to spreading Tom Mower's vision of a safe, long life with the means and ability to enjoy it.

Living long enough to enjoy the fruits of success is an enticing goal for many entrepreneurs and business owners. With that goal in mind, Tom Mower put everything he had to the test and with his team, developed a system to provide a business model that encourages, strengthens and inspires their independent distributors to create the healthy and happy lives they have always envisioned for themselves and their loved ones.

Tom Mower and his team understood early on that living and functioning were difficult to do and almost impossible without the necessary income and physical health required to do so.

Using the experience and knowledge gained from years of sales and network marketing, Tom Mower headed the innovative multilevel marketing structure, or MLM, that provides so many different revenue streams for distributors to take advantage of. The idea of personalizing your life and owning your own business while providing life-changing opportunities for your family, friends and neighbors was not lost on the management team of Sisel International.

The wide variations of products allow distributors to create the business they envision for their own income streams. They have access to a whole catalog of products where they can focus on specific areas or specific products as they wish. With the ability to mix and match, individual styles and tastes are no problem. The distributors can grow and develop their teams with confidence and security as each new product rolls out.

Dream Your Dream

Becoming an independent Sisel distributor is one great step towards obtaining the freedom and flexibility needed to have the lifestyle many envision for themselves and their loved ones. Personal home-based businesses change your life by providing the opportunity to:

Sisel Safe Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

  • Start with a small investment

  • Create a steady and residual income stream that meets your financial goals

  • Work and play on your family's timetable

  • Choose your own teammates

  • Take advantage of home-based business tax benefits

Sisel International has developed a network marketing distributorship system that allows independent business owners to create multilevel income streams while improving their physical well-being and that of their families and friends. Their line of coffee, health and personal care products give you the ability to have a healthy, strong body and enjoy the lifestyle you want to create. The business plan they help you create will allow everyone to enjoy this same vision and help you reach personal health and income goals.


Sisel Kaffé is just one small line of products available to allow you to provide a special service to your family, friends, neighbors and community. Coffee is a staple in many households throughout the world. Offering a variety of merchandise geared to meet this need gives you an opportunity to expand your business in healthy ways that enhances physical health and increase your confidence and stamina. You have the independence to determine what you want to do with your business, whom you want to help and who your team members will be. The choice is yours.


Sisel Kaffé distributorships offer opportunities to individuals who want better lifestyles. The business model uses a tried and true multi-level marketing plan or MLM that gives you the chance to build your personal business and help your family and friends at the same time. You receive a commission on your sales and the sales of any distributors you sign up. Additionally, any members they sign up also add to your commission base. Excitedly, the line of commission continues with every member who signs up under you and down-line on your group. The enticing part of this plan is that you build your lifestyle around products you and your family already need or use. You create a healthier, more satisfying and peaceful existence while doing the things you need to do. Friends, families and neighbors will see the great changes and ask for information themselves. You can help more people achieve a healthier lifestyle through your success. Everyone will want to know your secret and you may choose to share a new dream with them, too.

Vast Potential

Sisel provides a large avenue of income potential through their extensively tested health supplements and dental products as well as their line of coffee. Making a sale through one of these lines produces the next opportunity for additional sales along other avenues increasing your business. The possibility of add-on sales is better when these products have a valued history and even more valued future. The extensive testing and research this company has completed provides customers and clients a reassurance that their health and safety is important. This added trust makes purchasing decisions easier when faced with choices later. As a Sisel brand partner or independent distributor, you get the added benefit of knowing that these products actually work as they claim to.

Dream your dream and make it come true with a strong business foundation to help you start right. With a business built on providing healthy choices, longer lives and better lifestyles for everyone, Sisel is there to support you and your needs as you grow.

SISEL International's World Class Vision of Health Generates Wealth for its Distributors

Sisel Kaffe Premium Ground Black Geisha Coffee from Boquete in Panama Tom Mower co-founded Sisel International with his son to help people provide a happy and healthy lifestyle for themselves. His mission is to deliver opportunities for advancement and wealth while increasing our overall fitness, confidence and productive, healthy growing life spans. Tom Mower Sr is a passionate and generous marketing genius whose abhorrence of the toxic chemicals in our personal hygiene products drove him to create a health and wealth organization known as SISEL International. His passion is demonstrated in the potency of the SISEL products that gives them their superior qualities for improving health in areas such as anti-aging, skin care, joint health and weight loss.

Tom Mower mastermind of Sisel International has launched a range of coffee products made from the best Gesiha Boquete Panamanian coffee beans

Tom Mower

That passion drives SISEL products to contain the most pure, safe and effective ingredients, while avoiding potentially harmful compounds commonly used in typical mass market health care products. Passion drove Tom Mower Sr. to invest $100 million of his own money in building a state-of-the-art, 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and hiring a "dream team" of biochemists, physicists, medical doctors, and other specialists. Supporting the work of this group is a world-class research and development laboratory with some of the most highly advanced scientific instrumentation in the world. This combination of talent, equipment and commitment to excellence results in powerful, unique products based on rigorous, scientific research. Tom Sr., who holds several patents for break-through discoveries in scientific research for natural medicine and health care products, brings that same dedication to producing healthy and effective consumer health products, while innovating and driving advancements in the industry

SISEL International has always had a mission to make the world a healthier and happier place. Through their Earth Stewardship Foundation (ESF), they have sought to create a safe haven for abandoned children, endangered wildlife, and fragile environments. One example is the Make a Change Program, where all orders are rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is donated to the ESF, which has associated with Whole Child International, to help children who are institutionalized in orphanages.

Tom Mower's generosity and marketing skills are reflected in the top notch network marketing opportunity he created to help get his marvellous health products into people's lives and start improving their health and their wealth. Distributors advance faster and earn more than at most other network marketing companies. One quality that makes SISEL International so successful, and a quality that attracts some of the best distributors in the world, is the leadership of the company and their experience in the industry. This is a direct testimony that Tom Sr. knows how to lead the company in developing great compensation while surrounding himself with a team of dedicated executives that work tirelessly to support SISEL distributors.

SISEL Kaffe - Premium Coffee Business Opportunity

SISEL International is one of the best rated home business opportunities on the market. Established in 2006, the company features a complete line of dietary supplements and personal care products. Its name stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity. The products developed by SISEL are promoted by millions of people from all around the world. This business has unlimited income potential.

Company Overview

This multi-level marketing company was founded by Tom Mower and his son. It is based in Utah and has local offices in over 36 countries, including the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Thailand, Japan, Italy, and Spain. SISEL is one of the few companies that manufacture their own products. It offers high quality weight loss supplements, anti-aging creams, skin care products, bath and body products, joint care products, and premium coffee.

Tom Mower, the man behind this brand, invested over $100 million of his personal funds in SISEL International. The company operates a 400,000 square foot plant where its products are manufactured. Its best selling product is Eternity, a revolutionary blend of antioxidants, resveratrol and other active ingredients that support good health and longevity, slow the aging process, and promote cellular replication.

The company founded by Tom Mower offers the highest paying compensation plan in the industry. Its products are available at a competitive price and have millions of fans worldwide. The Mower Mission is to create health, wealth, and happiness for the company's distributors and customers. Anyone can become a SISEL Brand Partner by paying a small start-up fee. There are over 150 products that you can promote, including premium coffee, gift sets, hair care products, household products, apparel, and cosmetics.

Top Coffee Business Opportunity - Healthy Products

SISEL Kaffe is the newest product developed by this company. It is made from Panamanian coffee beans, which grow in volcanic soil. They are renowned worldwide for their unique health benefits and distinctive flavor. The volcanic soil takes the bitterness out of the coffee, which gives it a delicious taste. Every bean used in this coffee is hand picked. This product is 100 percent organic and contains premium ingredients such as yerba mate, chaga, ganoderma, and evodiamine extract.

The Mower Mission is to develop premium products using high-performance ingredients that promote health and well-bring. SISEL Kaffe is no exception. This innovative product has a wealth of benefits for coffee drinkers, such as increased energy and strength, better memory, and enhanced performance. This coffee lowers your risk of diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and obesity. It also boosts metabolism, which helps your body burn more calories.

This premium coffee is enriched with active ingredients like chaga and bacopa. Also known as "The King of Herbs", Chaga is an excellent source of flavonoids, phytochemicals, minerals, and enzymes. It's also one of the best sources of pantothenic acid in the world. Bacopa has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. This small herb prevents memory loss and brain degeneration. The coffee also contains ganoderma, a hard mushroom that strengthens the immune system and fights free radical damage. It contains over 400 nutrients that promote longevity and good health.

SISEL International will pay you for drinking their coffee and sharing it with others. This fantastic product will improve your health, boost your energy, and help you lose weight. By promoting SISEL Kaffe, you can supplement your income and gain financial freedom. The company offers several lines of coffee, including:

  • Instant Premium Panama Boquete

  • Instant Mocha Premium Panamanian Boquete

  • Instant Latte

  • Black Ground

  • Weight-Loss Support Coffee

  • K-Cup Coffee Pods and K-Cup Coffee Making Machine

SISEL distributors can earn as much as 50 percent for each product sold. This is an excellent opportunity to make money while enjoying the world's best coffee. A good way to start is to test out the products and share them with your family and friends.

Sisel International MLM Company Overview

Established in 2006, Sisel International has developed into one of the most prolific and influential companies in the dietary supplements and personal care products industries. Tom Mower had identified an inadequacy in those trades and founded Sisel with the goal of overcoming them. The core principles of that initial vision were science, innovation, success, energy and longevity, and SISEL, which is pronounced like "sizzle", is an acronym for those five exceptionally important words.

Who is Tom Mower?

Tom Mower was an individual building a career specializing in personal care products. He entered the profession with all the zeal of youth and took his endeavors very seriously. The industry wasn't quite like how he had idealized it, however, and it was difficult not to become jaded as he faced a seemingly never-ending series of roadblocks. These challenges came from within the industry itself, and the dark truth was that the need to generate the greatest profits possible would always trump the drive to innovate and create products that truly enhanced lives.

The Mower Mission

One day, Tom Mower had an epiphany: To achieve fulfillment in his life, he would need to cultivate real change. If he were going to flip the paradigm on its ear, then he would need control. Working alongside his son, Tom Jr., Sisel International was born from that inspiration. In order to avoid the problems common to those old-world companies, Mower created a precise and unique mission statement, the foundation of which is that every company effort be made with the goal of fostering happiness for both the distributors and consumers of Sisel products.

The Great Appeal of Sisel International

Many people believed that a company specializing in dietary supplements and personal care products simply could not succeed under the weight of such a mission statement. The Mower family, however, was resolute in the face of that doubt and eventually overcame. Establishing their products in the marketplace was not easy, but once those items were known commodities, consumers embraced them due to the great potency, thrilling innovation and superb value that they delivered.

Unparalleled Strength - Sisel Safe Products

A frequent problem that Mower faced as a younger man was the inability to use the highest-quality and highest-performing ingredients available. With the bottom line in mind, companies use the bare minimum. Sisel, on the other hand, is consistently able to produce products that are more powerful than the competing goods. That greater strength may mean smaller margins in the short term, but whether drinking a cup of coffee or applying anti-aging cream, that additional potency matters, and it earns Sisel long-term consumer loyalty.

Science and Innovation results in Quality Products

Sisel International is an industry leader because it refuses to settle for the status quo. Its investment into research and development is great. If Sisel can improve a product, then it will, regardless of what that improvement means for the bottom line. Likewise, all Sisel products are free from ingredients that are potentially harmful because the company exhaustively challenges every ingredient it uses in a state-of-the-art laboratory. Even if an item is FDA approved, Sisel demands to know how it interacts in the configuration that it will bring to market.

Top Coffee Business Opportunity

Sisel Kaffe is the company's newest endeavor. The goal of this effort is an organic coffee bean that delivers premium taste and aroma at grocery store prices. Such a product would sell itself. Achieving the bean was no simple task, but after years of research and development, Sisel is now able to grow premium coffee beans in Boquete, Panama that meet those lofty goals. Without a doubt this is the best MLM coffee available anywhere!

Sisel Kaffe is the hottest (no pun intended) item on the coffee market and is outperforming Starbucks and leading store brands in consumer taste tests. Sisel Kaffe Premium Panamanian coffee is not sold through traditional channels, however, and this presents a real business opportunity for motivated individuals who want to change their lives. Working alongside Sisel and from the comfort of your own home, you can and will succeed.

Network Marketing Success with SISEL International

In order to be successful in network marketing, you need to first be willing to learn the ins and outs of the business. While it can be relatively easy to earn a substantial income, there are several simple techniques that will vastly increase your earnings. We're going to review three of the top strategies that are recommended for new network marketers.

Before We Begin

We aren't quite ready to dive into these strategies yet. The biggest mistake that people make when starting out with network marketing is that they convince themselves that it is either the company's fault if they don't succeed, or they don't have a good sponsor. This is not the case, but it makes a good scapegoat for those that aren't willing to learn. Don't point the blame in other directions, instead work to better your own marketing techniques if you don't succeed on the first try.

Strategy #1 - Build Your Network

You're going to start with a network of just yourself, which isn't really a network at all. The hardest part of becoming successful in network is getting your feet underneath you, and then you'll be off to a running start. In order to keep yourself from falling flat on your face you should start out with a small goal.

Perhaps your goal is to get two people to join your network. This is an easy enough start. You may have to talk to 10 people just to find those two, but the important thing to remember is that you have a goal in mind and need to meet it. Every person you talk to won't be a success, and that's okay.

Once you have those two people, you can set another small goal to find two more. If it was easy to find those two people, increase the size of your next goal. Build your network one step at a time. As the people you recruit find people of themselves, you're going to see your network grow much faster than you ever expected. If those first two people recruited two more people each, that's already six people in your network!

Strategy #2 - Train Your Team Members

A lot of people seem to skip this step, and these are the people that are having to work 10 times as hard to build their network. Just like you need help starting yourself up, the people you bring into the network need help of their own. Teach them what you have learned about network marketing and offer some of the resources that you have used yourself. It's that easy!

You should also be open to teaching them how to train people themselves. In order for your network to continue to grow, the people you train need to be able to train people as well. It's a system. You want everyone in your network to be able to continue to recruit more, as that is how you're going to make the big bucks!

Strategy #3 - The Lifestyle Approach to Network Marketing

SISEL International offers health products that will enable people to enjoy a better the quality of life, but most people just aren't that into health. You need to focus on what they want from a product and use the health element as an extra incentive to close the deal. You'll sell a lot more SISEL International products and will be able to market to virtually anyone, rather than just those that are interested in health products.


For more information, visit to watch some short presentations that will better your marketing skills. Also, check out the 45 Second Presentation book, which is completely free.


You can feel absolutely confident about making a decision to align yourself with SISEL and that it is the best choice for you. For most of us choosing the right company is the most difficult thing to do, there’s just so much uncertainty and we've grown to be a bit suspicious. We have become accustomed to presenters hyping the deal or exaggerating the benefits and often outright misleading us. However, there are some simple benchmark indicators one should look at to dispel any doubts about SISEL. Most people who have kept an open mind have found that SISEL actually exceeds our suggested benchmarks. It is true, SISEL excels like no other network marketing company that has ever existed or is likely to come in the future.

Will this MLM company last?

That is a very valid concern. The industry statistics are so dismal in fact a leading in MLM attorney firm will privately tell their clients that out of every 1,000 companies that get started only four will survive longer than twelve months and of those four only two will survive 24 months and finally out of 10,000 companies only one will ever be profitable. No one can foretell the future so we have to consider the experience, the intention and vision those people running the company. Are the products effective and unique? What's the market potential and what is the capacity of the company to produce significant volume and maintain the quality of products?

Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

Tom Mower senior build a previous company to a billion dollars. At that time, he was one of only five people to accomplish such amazing growth with a network marketing company. Unfortunately due to a divorce he sold his MLM company for approximately a billion dollars. You would think being in his 60s he would have taken the money and retired to live the American dream for the balance of his life. However that is not Tom Mower! Instead he refused to sign a non-compete agreement that cost him approx. 250 million dollars. Then he went to work and build a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that would allow him to control the process of making SISEL SAFE non-toxic products from start to finish.