Gourmet Dark Roast Espresso Style Coffee from Sisel Kaffe

Enjoy premium instant coffee made from Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans, there's nothing better than the convenience of having gourmet coffee available whenever you want it.

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Better Beans Make a Better Coffee

When SISEL decided to enter the coffee business, they had two major goals: First, to make the best tasting coffee possible by roasting only the best beans available and then utilizing state of the art roasting methods. Second, to apply our years of experience to make our coffee not only the tastiest, but also the healthiest and best for you. With the introduction of our premium Kaffé line of coffees, we believe we've not only achieved, but exceeded both goals. Try them for yourself, we know you'll become a Premium Kaffé Club member after your first sip.

In order to brew a world-class cup of coffee, you've got to start with world-class coffee beans and SISEL KAFFE did. They shopped from the back jungles of Brazil to the hills of Hawaii and discovered that the Panamanian Geisha bean was the perfect bean for taste, aroma and color. It's grown in volcanic rich soils and at a higher elevation then most beans, giving it a unique flavor all its own. We know that once you try it, you'll agree with our decision.


Unique Processing

Why have the best beans if you don't have the best processing? At Sisel, we take pride in our manufacturing process. We roast our beans using special infrared technology. This allows us to precisely control the roasting temperature as well as how fast the beans are heated and cooled. Only 2% of the coffee beans around the word are prepared in the same way. It results in lower acidity levels, an evenly roasted bean and the elimination of burnt or bitter tasting coffee. Try it for yourself, get a FREE SAMPLE of our Premium Black Instant Coffee.

Sisel® Kaffé varieties available:

Instant Coffee: Black, Mocha & Latte - Ground Coffee: K-CUP, Premium Black & Gourmet Dark Roast Espresso

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Panamanian Geisha Beans

Sisel International believes that the best tasting coffee comes from roasting only the best coffee beans grown in Panama and then utilizing state of the art roasting methods. Panama Boquete Geisha Beans are used together with organic herbs such as, Ganoderma, Bacopa and Chaga to produce a delicious and healthy beverage that lovers of gourmet coffee are certain to enjoy.

Sisel provides not only premium coffee blends but Tea as well, e.g. Sencha Green Tea & Fire N' Ice fat burning tea.